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Warranty and Care

This statement applies to all newly purchased Philo Instruments unless a separate agreement is signed by Hiram Philo at the time of purchase.   

The construction and finish are warranted provided the instrument is stored in 50 to 80 degrees, and humidity in the instrument case is maintained at 40% to 55%. Philo Instruments are constructed under controlled humidity and temperature conditions. Maintain your new Philo Instrument properly and to keep the warranty valid by keeping your instrument inside the case using guitar case humidifier during the winter months. Your house may appear to be humid enough, yet a dry case can pull moisture out of an instrument. Temperature and humidity changes cause wood expansion or contraction which could directly harm an instrument. Damage caused by improper care  or storage of the instrument is not warranted.

Philo guitars usually have wooden bridge pins for improved sound quality. Wooden pins have slight variations in size and thus are hole specific. When changing strings keep track of which pin goes in what hole.    


Some signs of improper humidification are buzzing strings, changes in string hight, loose or tight bridge pins, raised wood grain, warping (usually noted first on the back), cracked finish or cracked wood.

Major repairs are best handled by returning your instrument to the Philo Guitar Shop where it is the  owner’s responsibility for all costs for shipping to and return shipment. 

Do not leave your instrument in a closed hot car as this will cause the glues to soften, possible finish cracking and extreme damage.

Do not transport and subject your instrument to extreme cold.  If it has been subjected to extreme cold allow the case and instrument to return to normal temperatures before opening the case.  Failure to wait before opening the case will cause the finish and possibly the wood to crack. 

If your instrument has been subjected to extreme prolonged humidity conditions, wipe dry and allow it to normalize outside of the case in a controlled heat and humidity environment.  Assure the case is dry before returning the instrument to the case. 

Fret wear, strings and seasonal adjustments are not warranted and are the maintenance responsibilities of the owner.

Any commercial oil or wax product designated for instrument fret boards is recommended for fret board care.  Likewise, commercial oils or waxes designated for instrument finishes are appropriate for this instrument's finished surfaces.

Contact hiramphilo@philoguitar for other instrument care questions.