First You Cut Down a Tree... (Part 16)

posted Apr 20, 2013, 6:25 PM by Hiram Philo   [ updated May 4, 2013, 6:00 PM ]

The fret board for the Shadow Valley guitar has progressed to this:

I took a few pictures along the way...

I put the fret slots in the neck blank with this rig up on my table saw

I hand ground the 14 ft radius curve into the blades of this little jointer, which makes radiusing the fret board as easy as a few passes.

The oval mother of pearl inlays are all identical in size and shape because I use this little jig on my router table.

The roman numerals in the mother of pearl inlay are cut by putting them in this jig and scoring the mother of pearl with a hacksaw

I didn't take any pictures of a very intriguing steps of inlay that follow the above. I had major distractions at the time (see the prior post). Simply put, I router slots for the oval and super glue them in. When the voids and the scorings in the mother of pearl are filled with a putty of super glue and sawdust and then sanded flat, the inlay comes out looking great.  

This is an example of hand pressing the fret wire into a fret board. This is not the fret board for the Shadow Valley Cedar guitar but I included this picture  to compensate for my lack photography of he actual project. Fret wire is very soft so it can easily be clipped after pressed into the wood and filed to a precise dimension.

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